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The DeShon Chapter DAR was organized April 21, 1900, with 19 members.  Augusta Dudley Carlisle Paine was appointed by the National Society to organize the chapter, and a charter was granted July 3, 1900.


Mrs. Paine was a member of Lucretia Shaw Chapter, New London, Connecticut.  She became a member at large to organize the DeShon Chapter.  She was the first resident DAR member of Boone County.


The chapter was named for Mrs. Paine's great-grandfather, Captain Daniel DeShon, born in New London, Connecticut, in 1754.  He was of  French Huguenot extraction; on the maternal side, a lineal descendant of  Elder William Brewster of Mayflower fame.


He was conspicuous in the Revolutionary War as Captain of the letter of Marque  "Old Defence" owned by the State of Connecticut.  History says of him, "No braver man to defend a coast or harass an enemy can be found at any period of our country's history."

Birthplace of Mamie D. Eisenhower DAR Marker

Mamie Doud was born in Boone, Iowa, November 14, 1896, and lived there nine months with her parents, John and Elivera (Carlson) Doud.  On July 1, 1916, she married Lt. Dwight D. Eisenhower - the same day he was promoted to First Lieutenant in the Army. After an illustrious Army career through World War II, Eisenhower was elected the 34th President of the United States and Mamie became first lady. Mrs. Eisenhower's restored birthplace has an inscribed historical marker placed in the yard by the DeShon Chapter DAR on November 2, 1954.


The marker is located at the Mamie D. Eisenhower birthplace at 709 Carroll Street. From Highway 30, turn north at the four-way stop, which is Story street. Proceed north on Story Street to Mamie Eisenhower Avenue. Turn left (west) and go three blocks to Carroll Street. Turn north and go three and one half blocks. The house is on the left side of the street.


Dragoon Trail in Boone County

The Dragoon Trail stretched from the Missouri line to the northern Iowa border as the first U.S. Dragoons under Colonel Stephen W. Kearney followed their assignment of exploring and mapping the state of Iowa in the mid-1830's. Boone was one of the Iowa towns on the Dragoon Trail route. On June 14, 1938, the Iowa Society DAR dedicated and placed an inscribed historical marker on a boulder to mark the trail.


The marker is located on Division Street.  From Highway 30, turn north on Story Street and continue north to Mamie Eisenhower Avenue.  Turn left (west) and drive nine

blocks to Division Street where you will see the marker in a grass triangle.


School House Restoration


DeShon Chapter is working to restore a brick one-room schoolhouse near Boone that held classes from 1888-1933.  It is a unique structure made of three layers of brick manufactured in the area.  The DeShon Chapter has teamed with the Boone Community School District to get youth involved in this project.  Work has begun on the restoration and plans are underway to continue work in the Spring of 2008.


UPDATE July 2012: DeShon Chapter, in conjunction with the Boone Community School District, continues with their Cole School restoration project. This schoolhouse near Boone is only one of three brick schoolhouses left in Iowa.   Classes were held from 1888-1933.  It is a unique structure made of three layers of brick manufactured in the area.  Up to now,  all the brick has been repaired and re-pointed, the limestone foundation resurfaced, a new cedar-shingle roof has been installed, window sills and a door step set in place, and electricity run to the building. Still in need of replacement are the six windows and door, the building of a vestibule inside, and the laying of a new floor.  Below is a painting of Cole School by J.D. Speltz.  The prints were used as a fundraiser by the Chapter. A limited amount of prints are still available and can be purchased by contacting members of the DeShon Chapter.






Sharon A. Braden
Iowa State Regent


National Motto

"God, Home, and Country"

National Theme

“Preserve the Past, Enhance the Present, Invest in the Future.” 


2014 - 2016 State Theme
Promoting Education
to Encourage Lifelong Learning

2014 - 2016 Scripture
"An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge."
Proverbs:  18:15









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