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Welcome to Council Bluffs
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Welcome to the Council Bluffs Chapter DAR web site.  We are located in Council Bluffs, Iowa, where we are surrounded by the unique and beautiful Loess Hills.  Our chapter is named for the city in which we reside. The name implies that Native American council meetings were held on the Missouri River, and it was also the stopping place for members of the Lewis and Clark expedition. We were one of the first chapters to be organized in the Iowa Society DAR and celebrated our 100th birthday in 1997.

 The Council Bluffs Chapter promotes historic preservation, patriotic education, scholarships, DAR schools, citizenship training, and support for the veterans.  Our notable activities include helping with the Lincoln Memorial in Lincoln Park, the Revolutionary War Ancestor Memorial in Bayliss Park and the Lewis and Clark Monument in Council Bluffs.

Lewis and Clark monument
Lewis and Clark Monument
Lincoln monumentLincoln placque
Lincoln Monument
Bayliss constructionfountain
Bayliss Fountain
Kinsman Monument
Kinsman Monument

The Lincoln Monument was erected in July 1911, and commemorates Abraham Lincoln's visit to the site in 1859. From this site, Lincoln viewed and selected the Eastern Terminus of the first transcontinental railroad built in the United States.

The chapter contributed to the new fountain in Bayliss Park. 

In 1904, General Dodge, aided by numerous contributions from veterans from the 4th and 23rd Infantry regiments, had Colonel William H. Kinsman's remains brought back to Council Bluffs and laid to rest. Council Bluffs Chapter was there to lay a wreath in honor of Colonel Kinsman. On May 18, 2013, one hundred fifty years to the day after his death, Kinsman and the other Civil War veterans buried around the Monument were honored for their sacrifices during the four bloodiest years of our nation's history; again, Council Bluffs Chapter participated by laying a wreath.


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