Pilgrim Chapter
Iowa City, Iowa

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National Society Daughters of the American Revolution offers several scholarships to a variety of academic fields including:

Political Science
American History
Nursing School

For more detailed information please refer to the NSDAR Scholarship Web site.
For application forms, either refer to the NSDAR Scholarship web site or contact Pilgrim Chapter.  

Important Information Regarding Scholarships:

    • ALL National Scholarships require a Chapter Reference which must be sent with the scholarship application. Without this letter of reference, your scholarship application will not be processed. Pilgrim Chapter requires a meeting with any student we give reference to, so please contact us and allow time for us to meet with you if you are interested in applying for any scholarships listed below.
    • Follow instructions completely. If the application instructions say one page, it means one page.
    • Applications must be complete (all reference letters, etc.) in one mailing before it is sent on. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
    • Deadlines are firm. Please see individual Scholarship information for deadlines.
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